internet doesn't work anymore

Jul 16, 2013
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Yesterday morning, my virus scanner asked me to install a critical windows security update. So I did. Shortly afterwards I had no internet connection anymore. One moment it works, next moment it doesn't.

I can access my router, and the router says "connected". Restarting the router didn't help.

Restarting the modem didn't do anything either.

I checked the cables, nothing there.

I've set my system back half a week, didn't help.

Phone the ISP, they said they'll try to fix it remotely, but they couldn't. They are now considering to send some dude here, but I'd prefer to fix it before that, also because it costs money in case it's my fault.

The device manager says that there are no drivers installed for the sm-bus-controller and usb-controller. I can access my router and my USB devices, so I don't see how that is possible. Telling windows to automatically update those drivers didn't do anything. If that is connected to the problem I can't tell. I tried finding new GigaByte drivers, but, believe it or, their download section doesn't work. Why? I don't know. When I click on "downloads" at the product page for the mainboard, nothing happens. No matter what browser I use. How is that even possible?

I tried deinstalling yesterdays windows update, but couldn't find it in the update history. I guess the system setback undid that.

I tried a Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility, but the website didn't load.

I'd really appreciate help here. I'm currently using my mobilephone as a hotspot, but I got only a 200mb flatrate there, and I really need the internet for work.

Thanks for any help.
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May 10, 2010
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A virus scanner, other than maybe MSE, wouldn't ask for a Windows Update, it sounds like you were fooled by an actual virus to authorize installation. What Anti-virus software do you use?

Using another computer (neighbors, library, etc), download TDSSKiller and RKill from our Freeware DB onto a USB flash drive. Then reboot your system into safe mode without networking (Reboot and, when it says "Starting Windows," Press F8; If you get a message asking continue in safe mode or perform a system restore, choose continue in safe mode). Now run TDSSKiller and after that run RKill and after that run a full virus scan. The first two will take maybe 5 minutes each but a full virus scan can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours depending on your hard drive size and number of files.

Booting in safe mode makes sure only minimal services/programs are started. TDSSKiller is designed specifically to look for rootkits. RKill is designed to stop the stealthing programs that hide/protect/regenerate some nasty viruses. Running these first will help ensure your A/V has the absolute best chance of cleaning up infected files.

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