Documents vs. My Documents (and the disappearing folders)

Apr 5, 2012
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I've recently upgraded to a new computer and Windows 7. I copied my entire "My Documents" folder from the old computer to the new computer and so now, under "Documents," I have a folder called "My Documents," with all of my various personal folders in it.

The weird part is that if I look at "Documents" by way of "Libraries," it has 300+ random files, created over a span of about 6 years, but no folders. (I have no idea where they came from on my old computer, since they didn't live in a single folder.)

But if I go into "Documents" through Word or Outlook (trying to attach a file), I see all my personal folders. And if I click on "My Documents," I also see the same personal folders again. I obviously don't want them duplicated in both Documents and My Documents, but the fact that I don't see them in Libraries makes me both nervous (about deleting the My Documents folder) and confused.

I'd appreciate any advice or insights!


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May 10, 2010
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Please explain exactly the method you used to "copy" your "my documents" from your old computer.

The reason I ask ... Nothing should be dropped onto the "Documents" Folder in Libraries. If you use drag and drop, it should be dropped into "My Documents" which resolves to an actual folder, whereas Documents is just a list of Pointers. If you drop things onto "Documents" then they become additional pointers. "My Documents" is actually just the very first pointer which is an alias for the folder C:\USERS\(your-logonid)\My Documents. So simple rule, drop things on "My Documents" (or deeper), Not "Documents" (same goes for "My Videos", "My Pictures", & "My Music").

To get rid of all those Document pointers, right-click on Documents and choose properties, remove all but My Documents & Shared/Network documents.
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