SOLVED CPU Installation: Thermal Paste recommendations? Cooler?


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Oct 27, 2009
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Excuse me for butting in here. You really don't need an 850 watt PSU. You would just be wasting money to be honest.

With the hardware you're showing in the Computer Specs section a 650 watt would be more than adequate.

BTW, I just celebrated my 31st. anniversary of my 29th birthday back on March 1st. :eek:


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Apr 7, 2010
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I have attached a picture of an early computer, with a Steering Wheel!!
Well, not really but it had me going for a couple seconds. lol

Either PSU will do. I don't know much about XFX PSUs but their graphics cards have generally done very well. And the XFX PSU is Silver 80 Plus rated so it is very efficient - which denotes excellent design and the use of quality parts. That said, Corsair has an excellent reputation for quality PSUs and a Bronze 80 Plus rating is nothing to sneeze at.
Dec 29, 2011
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I realize that it is more than I need, Now, but with an eye on the future it won't hurt to have some juice in reserve;

I am starting to work with video editing along with the sound recording and editing software programs I am already using and to top it off some of these programs through REWIRE are open all at once along with multiple monitors and multiple MIDI instruments.
And there is more Graphics being combined in all of the a fore mentioned applications plus more goodies than you can shake a stick at on PCI cards.

Multi-Media getting more complicated every time I turn around, so you see in the future I will probably need even more power, but for now this looks like something that will serve me well with this build and into the next one. Thanks for the interest

Happy Birthday, I just had one also, but I'm having a senior moment and forgot how old I am so - I think I will just claim, hmmmm let me see, how about Forty-Four has a nice ring to it.;)

I saw Raquel Welsh last night on TV (CSI Miami) and You know she is looking SUPER FINE, she was born September 5, 1940; She doesn't look like she has had surgery, as in stretching out the skin.
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