Help pls with Hauppauge PVR connecting

Apr 21, 2014
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I've purchased a used external Hauppauge. What I want to do is replace my Viewsonic flat screen with a new Vizio TV because they are both the same size and could be the TV only. This would eliminate the Viewsonic monitor and give me more room and organization.

Since the Hauppauge-HVR-1950 model 1192 is used, I really do not want to undo the monitor and move the TV etc. only to find out it might not function. There was already a missing part when I received it. Now, I have all parts but I'm still leary.

So, here's my question: Can I set up the Hauppauge external unit utilizing my current monitor and if it is successful, then turn around and remove the monitor and set the TV on my desk and simply connect the HDMI or would I have to begin all fresh and install again?

Brand new HD Envy desktop
Windows 7 Home Professional with media center
I have the Hauppauge Win 7 CD

Thank you very much helpful peeps

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