CHKDSK into 3rd day.

Dec 2, 2017
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I think I'm pretty much screwed but I thought I'd come here for an opinion.
I had an external drive (Lacie) that had a large portion suddenly become unallocated and the drive was turned into a RAW system. I used a file recovery program (Recuva) to recover whatever it could and moved it to my WD 6T drive. Somewhere in day 6 (guessing) something happened that cut the power or connection to the WD drive and after recovery I tried to access it and got a Dirty Drive message. I tried running the scan from the popup that Windows gave me but it wouldn't run. So next I ran chkdsk through the CMD Prompt and the check started and said I had to dismount the drive, which i did. It seems to be running but I am well into day 3 and it is still listing "Corruption was found while examining file in directory "X"" , over 30000 entries so far.
Is it normal to take this long?
Is there a better way to scan a larger disk like this?
Is there any way to use a file shredder and just delete the recovered folder? Would the disk still be corrupted?
Sorry for rookie questions but I just never picked up all the technical stuff.


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May 10, 2010
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I would cancel the chkdsk. I would get another external HD. And I would look at running recovery software to try & copy any files it can locate from the old drive to the new one. I do not know of any good FREE recovery software & the only experience I have doing this with paid software was many years ago using Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery. What I liked about their software (back then) was that it gave me a list of files it could recover BEFORE I paid the money to buy it. I assume it is still that way but I cannot know for certain.

If you do try Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery or another recovery software please report back on your experience.

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