Can't find file using Search function

Jan 26, 2014
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Dear Anyone.

I Searched for a movie, Karate Kid 2, stored on my 2T hard drive and found it - read on! Then I thought I'd drag it from the results box onto my desktop so I knew where it was. Which is where the fun started. It dragged from the results box and stuck to the mouse pointer, I couldn't release it onto the desktop nohow. So I went to get a drink (non-alcoholic!) came back and it wasn't on the mouse pointer any more - but neither was it anywhere else. Search can't find it. A freeware program, UltraSearch, can't find it. And I can't find it manually (and I've looked!)

How do I find it? More to the point - WHY is there a black hole in Win7 files can disappear down? How do I prevent other files, more important ones, from disappearing down the same black hole, never to be seen again? I've been very careful ever since when using Search to RIGHT-click and choose 'Open Folder Location' rather than dragging the file - but I could drag it in XP without it vanishing on me.

What's going on (and why didn't Microsoft spot this one in beta testing!?!)

Yours puzzledly



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May 10, 2010
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OK, first a couple tips:
1. If you ever have something being dragged by your mouse and you decide you do not want to move it (or it can't move where you are trying), then, while still holding down the left mouse button, use your other hand and hit ESCape on the keyboard. That should cancel the move/copy.
2. If you ever move (or copy or delete) a file and it doesn't seem to go where you expect then Windows Explorer has an UNDO option: simply hit Ctrl+Z and the last operation (move, copy, delete) will be undone.

There are places that are not normally indexed for search, such as the Windows system folders, and it is possible you accidentally dropped it into one of these folders when you released the mouse; however, I think Ultrasearch would likely find it even there. But it's also possible it released into the Recycle Bin so I suggest you check there; if found, right-click on the file and choose restore.

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