Cannot create folders

Sep 8, 2013
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Starting a couple of weeks ago, i can no longer create folders on my computer. When I hit the button to do that on windows explorer; nothing happens. I can copy folders (that is what I have figured out to do now when I need a new folder, copy an old folder, rename to what I want, and delete whatever was in it. This workaround is OK, but it bugs me to have to do that).
New folders can still be created from a cd or other outside sources. I just installed support for my new camera, the CD was able to crate new folders, but I can't make my own. This applies to everywhere. C drive, My Documents, thumb drives, or wherever.
I can also create briefcase folders or zipped folders, but not regular folders.
Creating or saving files is not a problem. As I mentioned, copying folders works too.
I am the lone user of this computer. I tend to think it is a permission thing. Any ideas?

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