Bug fixes since build 7100?



I've had a slew of problems with the Windows 7 RC build 7100 and would like
to see an official list of bug fixes before purchasing the final release.

Problems encountered:

Windows Live Mail does not work without deleting WL Contacts folder before
each use. It worked ok for three days prior to this problem. Attempts to
repair and re-install WLMail did nothing. There is no mail program included
in Win7 you have to use Windows Live or 3rd party program.

Weather Gadget stuck at 39 degrees despite trying fixes I found posted

On-chip network adapter hardware did not get installed nor was it detected
until I changed IRQs from the BIOS.

Window size for My Computer not remembered so I have to resize it each time
I open My Computer.

Loud, hard drive ratcheting noise when loading or stopping the virtual
machine, XP mode. (I have Win7 64bit RC build 7100 installed on two SATA II,
150GB velociraptors in RAID0 on Intel ICH9R SATA RAID controller).

Files completely disappeared when trying to copy them from Win7 to the
XPMode. XP Mode was set to share clipboard.

Setting up a dual-boot system was a nightmare and had to use 3rd party
software to fix the mess.

Burning files to DVD/CD wants to include the .ini file from the location of
the files file.

Could not delete Windows Live registry entries despite giving my admin/user
account full control

When installing Win7 I had to load the driver for the ICH9R RAID controller
from the Motherboard CD then it would say "Windows cannot be installed"
instead of prompting me to re-insert the Win7 installation CD and clicking

Buttons greyed out for applying file settings of one folder to all folders
and sub folders. So I got list veiw, big icons, small icons, icons with
thumbnails, thumbnail veiws in various folders with no uniformity nor are
they sorted the way I want them.

If I open a file once with notepad it is forever associated to open with
notepad. No option to do this only once.

So if you know a good place to see an official list of fixes FROM build 7100
TO the final release please post it!

Disclaimer: Some of these problems may be hardware related or operator
error. I have Windows XP Pro SP3 on the same machine on another partition
and it is its usual reliable self.

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