BSOD while installing windows 7?

Aug 18, 2013
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Hi everyone , I got a different BSOD problem while installing Windows 7 from Recovery CDs i made .
first i got HP Pavilion dv6-6155ee Entertainment Notebook
The problem starts approximately from two weeks , Win 7 starts to stop while i am
working so i made a recovery through the rec. partition i got two OS Ubuntu and WIn 7 , Making the recovery make a problem in boot so i used Boot repair Disk , and i do the recovery

but the BSOD problem doesn't go off i tried to Update the drives , i used Driver Verifier but it seems as it is not working , i made a CHKDSK But no error appeared .
i decided to install a fresh windows from the rec. Cds and i chose Factory reset

but here is the problem that i face now during installing software

BSOD appears in different errors

I also tried to change the Bios Date from 2013 to 2011 but nothing , i make sure that the wifi is on , i do memrytest 86 - Memory Test - HDD Test and no error detected

i read that using kill disk will fix it So i used it for the rec. partition and c: partition
and nothing changed

and of course F8 wont help as there is no windows now .

so do you have any ideas that may Help and thanks in advance


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