Bought used dell laptop 1721 Isper, Need to remove win 7 from cmd

Apr 17, 2014
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Hello I bought a 1721 inspiron from a guy he gave me the pass word but i have lost it. so i tried to use a boot disk but you cant change the boot seq in bios so i have removed the HHD and put it in another computer so how can i remove or add an account or remove win password from CMD



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May 10, 2010
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Unless the pswd you are talking about is a BIOS pswd then you should definitely be able to change the boot order. If it IS a BIOS pswd then that really has nothing to do with the OS or the hard drive.

Removing a password should not be as easy as running something from the cmd line, it wouldn't be much of a pswd if it was. And password removal isn't a normal feature of the W7 Installation disk or recovery disks.

You can try the Windows Password Remover in our Freeware DB but you will have to create a bootable CD/DVD and then have the HD in a computer that you can make boot to the CD/DVD

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