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Feb 9, 2016
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Hi! I have a problem with pasting album art through media player. Our band is releasing our music for free download on our website, and I just need to put a nice picture of the album cover on the mp3s. I read that you need to copy the image and paste it through windows media player, and that works well. However, my problem is that the cover looks very very blurry! I checked the photo in paint, and it's pretty hi-res in there. I've been trying exporting the image to different resolutions in photoshop, resizing the image in paint and pretty much everything else but it still displays the same blurry image. I've tried pasting different images onto the album art and it looks blurry as well. I've been looking for a solution online but so far I haven't found anything that tells me how to solve this. The format I'm using is JPEG. Help?
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