SOLVED 4 Computers Go Down

Feb 25, 2013
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Hello All,
I have a very unusual hardware problem. It has now affected its 4th computer. The problem is this: when I turn on my laptop for the first time in a few days, everything works exactly as it should, including the ability to type and have the keys I press show up correctly on the screen.

But after a few hours, what I type on the keyboard appears as gibberish on the screen. Even slowing my typing down to pressing one key at a time, the result is pure gibberish. Nor does it matter what program or dialog box I'm trying to enter data into, the result is pure gibberish.

By "gibberish" I mean characters don't form words, but rather random characters with random spacing. For example, a typed word with 4 letters gets truncated to two letters and then a space or two followed by the remaining letters. All other functions work normally, and I can use the keyboard to do shortcuts (such as cut and paste), and the mouse also works perfectly.

As I said at the beginning, its now affecting its fourth computer. The first two were Dell D630s, old when we got them two years ago, and used extensively. The third was another used Dell, a 2100 mini notebook (10.1" screen). The latest victim is a recently purchased refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad R61i running Windows 10 (previously affected computers all ran Windows 7, with one machine upgrading to Windows 10).

I've done the usual virus / spyware /malware checks before and after the events, and everything comes up clean. Adding to the mystery is that all four computers were located in the very same place in my apartment, a corner near a large picture window, all hooked up via an Ethernet cable (the latest computer is now on WiFi, which has made no difference).

I've monitored the laptops for heat issues, and using TempFan Control's software, I've not seen any prolonged heat periods in either the CPU or HDD temperatures, and all four notebooks have been propped up on angle to emphasize passive cooling. I've not done memory scans simply because having four different computers go down with the same malady in the same location stretches credulity would all have memory problems.

I should also add that I have a Lenovo X60 mini notebook which sits next to my desktop computer, and both of those machines run fine. In fact the only way I could type this very long question / plea for help, was to type it on my desktop computer.

Which is what makes this whole problem so very strange: 4 computers going down with the same problem, in the same location....! Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


P.S. I've also posted this in the Windows 10 Forum.

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