32 bit v 64 bit

Nov 3, 2009
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I have an HP Pavilion with AMD athlon 3200+ (2.0GH) processor, 1 GB of RAM ,NVidia Gforce FX5500 256MB VRAM and loads of free disc space.

The Windows 7 compatibility programme indicates that the PC will take Windows 7- 32bit version.

Has anyone run Windows 7 on a similar PC and are there any drawbacks?

I am thinking of getting a replacement PC but it appears that they will all be 64bit machines running the 64bit OS but the retailers don't seem to know if my 32 bit software will run or, if it does, will it be much slower than with XP SP?

I do not want to have the added expense of having to replace my software/hardware.

So is it a case of upgrade the OS on my PC or upgrade to a new Computer?

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