wmplayer12 without ENHANCEMENTS option??

Jul 12, 2009
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Is there anybody out there who would know or explain why the "genius guys" at Microsoft have done away with the enhancements option on the view tab at Windows Media Player 12 ???? What am I going to do now without the crossfading and auto volume levelling options??? Usually you upgrade a product to add new enhancements, right?...Well it seems it is not the case for the Microsoft team... Is there any hidden option within the program I missed? Is there anyway I could get rid of WMPlayer 12 and install WMPlayer 11 instead and would it work with W7??? The lack of the Enhancements option for me is the biggest disappointment with W7 so far. And just to add, I have a 8gb DDR2 800mhz memory with a 8200 Duo Core 2 Quad and over 5 tb of HDs PC...and the new Media Center still lags behind in speed, not much different in comparision to Vista's.
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