Windows Welcome Screen: Locked & Logged On. How to Skip



Monica said:
Disregard my last coment. I've got the laptop in front of me, closed
and the keyboard to the desktop on top while USING the desktop.
User Accts on the LAPTOP does NOT say Dellbert, it says Monica. There
is still no other acct on the laptop. Just myself and Guest acct, which
is off.
Monica, one of the nice features of Win 7, is the option
to make a "System Image".

Why is this nice ? It's a way of providing yourself with
insurance. If you're an "experimenter" like me, and not an
IT person, it allows you to prepare for any bad accidents
you might have (like, say, editing the registry).

On my laptop, if I have something to do to the OS, where
I don't know what the side effects will be, I make a system image.
I basically am backing up 26GB of data on C:, as well as the
much smaller "SYSTEM RESERVED" partition, the one that doesn't have
a drive letter. So I back up a total of two partitions, which
is enough to keep the laptop bootable.

On two occasions, I've "broken" my laptop. It would no longer boot,
because of something I did to it. I couldn't use the automatic
recovery either, so I restored from the image instead. And then it
was working again.

No problem. I take the small recovery CD, and boot from that. I use
the optical drive in the laptop to boot the CD.

In that recovery CD, is a menu with five items. "System Image Recovery"
searches and finds my externally connected USB hard drive, with the
system image files on it. I can then restore the backup I made, before
the dangerous or destructive experiment took place.

To make the System Image style backup, you use this panel. One link on
the left, makes the backup. The other one, offers to burn a CD, which
is the recovery CD you boot the (broken) computer with. This has the
effect, in a way, of say "System Restore", but it also includes the
ability to escape from a computer that won't boot any more. It doesn't
seem to take that much file system damage, to need this.

The size of the backup, is only the size of the files on the disk. If
my C: partition was 320GB in size, and mostly empty, the image taken
is just the 26GB of files I have on there. So the backup size won't be
320GB or anything.

The backup actually stores the results as .vhd files, which can be
mounted and examined either in Windows 7 or in a virtual machine.
What I do with files like that, is bring them over to my WinXP
desktop (what I'm typing on), and load the VHD files into Virtual PC 2007
so I can examine them. If there is a question about the contents of
Windows 7 C: drive, I don't have to go find the laptop, fire it up
and look. I can look at the "image" instead, and open any of the files
if I want. So you can do a few minor things with the image, if needed.

Windows 7 also has some other kinds of backup options, but I've never
tried them out. All I need, is "insurance" at the moment, I don't
really have anything of value on the Windows 7 laptop that needs
incremental or differential backups.





Donzee, I have screensavers disabled, so, that "On resume, display logon
screen" is unchecked.

"Donzee" wrote in message

"Monica" wrote in message
I'm the only user of my laptop. No kids at home and hubby is computer
challenged :)

Look here: Might work.

1. Go to Control Panel

2. Click "Personalization"

3. On the bottom right hand corner say "Screen Saver." Click
Screen Saver.

4. In the Screen Saver window between the "Screen Saver" name
and Power Management area is "Wait" blank then "minutes".

To the right of "minutes" is a block that says "On
resume, display logon screen."

5. If the "On resume, display logon screen" box is check
uncheck it.

6. Click "OK" Your done


Monica said:
When I enter "control userpasswords2" (minus the quotes), all it pulls
up is this conversation. Separating the words you've put together
didn't work either.

Manually navigating to the User Accts, I don't see "uncheck the "users
must enter a user name & password to use this computer". I've checked
under all the different
options in the User Accts box. Perhaps it's not there because I never
added a password.
There are some pictures here.

These are the two tabs on "control userpasswords2".

Do you see the same thing ?





Monica said:
Donzee, I have screensavers disabled, so, that "On resume, display logon
screen" is unchecked.
If you are the only account and you have no password then it's
probably a power configuration setting.
Have a look in Control Panel > Power Options.
Whichever plan is selected click on 'Change plan settings' and
then 'Change advanced power settings'.
At the top the first entry is 'Require password on wakeup'.
Make sure this is set to 'No'.

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