Windows Live programs broken with OnCatalogResult: 0x80072f7c

Jan 4, 2010
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I had previously installed the Windows Live programs (mail, photo gallery, etc). It worked great. Then I installed the Beta. Also worked great. Then I installed the Beta wave 4 that came out August 16, but discovered WL Photo gallery was missing. I tried to do a repair, and got the error that Photo Gallery could not be installed.

To resolve this, I tried uninstalling the entire suite, to try to reinstall, but now nothing will install. Here's the error I get:

Couldn't install programs

Please try installing Windows Live programs again.

OnCatalogResult: 0x80072f7c

I get this error trying to install the beta OR if I try to install the non-beta, RTM Windows Live suite.
So now I have no mail, no Messenger, no Photo gallery, no Windows Live programs at all.


Thanks for any suggestions!!

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