Windows 7

Aug 21, 2020
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Hardware acceleration is either disabled or not supported by your video card driver
My laptop is HP windows 7 32bit
Please see my problem and help me plz Send driver link also plz
Oct 24, 2020
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in device manager, properties (where you're at there on the screenshot), you're in the 'general' tab
click the 'details tab', should see something like this:
2020-10-27_14-19-05 device id.jpg

click 'hardware ids'
should see something like this:
2020-10-27_14-22-31 hardware id.jpg

duckduckgo this (yours will have a different device id) ven_10de dev_1380 cc_0300,
should find the make and model of your video chipset:

2020-10-27_14-26-31 device.jpg

here you will have to choose judiciously. i have no experience with "". i'm just saying that you should be able to locate the make and model of your video card, and find the driver on the manufacturer's webpage

option 2: there are plenty of driver management utilities. i can't recommend one, maybe auslogics, i don't know. a driver utility will help you. again, i've tried one where it let's you install 3 drivers for free. if you want me to look, let me know

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