Windows 7 Pro 64bit RTM still freezing

Oct 25, 2009
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To start off i had problems when i was using one of the beta's of windows 7 (i honestly dont remember which one it was i think it might have been the 7100 to which i had issue with freezing and went back to xp) Anyways i received my copy of windows 7 Pro the other night and proceeded to format my 2 hard drives that i use for a clean install because i was previously using a copy of Xp professional. After the installer freezing on me about 8 times i was finally able to get it to make it all the way thru the installer and get into windows 7. Sadly though i was hoping this was not going to be the case with the RTM version but it is, i am experiencing the same issue as alot of other users with my computer just randomly freezing on me permantly and not being able to do anything but do a hard restart. I made sure that before i installed windows 7 that i got all the latest windows 7 64bit drivers for everything and saved them to my 3rd hard drive. I thought one of the issues might be my memory as i have 6 gigs 2 different kinds of Corsair memory DDR3 that have the same speeds just have two 1 gig sticks and two 2 gig sticks, i thought the memory might be an issue so i took the 1 gigs out and it still continued to freeze.

My Computer spec's as i can remember are (custom build)

Nvidia 790i ultra motherboard (using onboard sound aswell)
Intel e8400
Zotac 8800 GT overclocked edition
3 Seagate hard drives
6 Gigs of Corsair DDR3 memory

sorry thats all that is coming to mind if you think of something else let me know
my thoughts are mostly random as you can tell ;)

Programs i have installed right now are,
Avast Free Home Edition
Rohan Online (online game)
IObit Security 360
Logitech setpoint x64
IZARC (unzip program)
Hawking Hi-Gain Wireless-N USB Network Dish Adapter drivers (purchased tonight works well with windows 7)
Nvidia Control Center (to manage video card, fans, etc)
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Oct 17, 2008
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Welcome to the forums Aka Ryan! :)

Freezing issues are very difficult to diagnose. Have you noticed any pattern at all and did it happen as soon as W7 was installed?

Once Windows reboots after a crash, are you presented with an explaination of why it failed? Does anything appear in the event log at the time of the crash/recovery?

I would start by checking your memory, just to rule it out :


Quick Scotty, beam me up!
Oct 27, 2009
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I had issues like that myself when first installing Windows 7 x64.

I then remembered that if I disconnected my other internal hard drives except for the C drive it would install with no problems at all. A friend of mine at IBM in Austin, TX had told me this several years ago when I had trouble installing Vista. Apparently too many hard drives confuses the install process.

After I got the OS installed I then reconnected the other drives and assigned them drive letters through disk management section. Windows 7 assigns letters automatically but I reconfigure them so I can keep my DVD drive as the "D" drive.


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