Windows 7 Partner Readiness Day


Oct 17, 2008
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The Windows 7 Virtual Partner Readiness Day is on 7th May 2009, and is a great way for parters, resellers, and hardware/software builders to find out a little bit more about Windows 7:

At this event you will have the opportunity to learn about Windows 7, the next-generation operating system from Microsoft. Online attendees can take advantage of the readiness and marketing tools made available specifically for partners to help prepare for the Windows 7 business opportunity.
Windows 7 Partner Readiness Day will provide the resources you need to become a Windows 7 expert and help better prepare you for customer conversations. Microsoft executives and product experts will be on hand to answer all your questions and to provide you with a look at the following Microsoft product strategies:
  • Industry trends and how Windows 7 will affect the marketplace
  • The business opportunities that Windows 7 brings for partners
  • An overview of the key steps and programs to get ready for Windows 7
This date could somehow tie in with the RC release, but that is just speculation at the moment.

You can find out more on the Windows 7 Partner Registration website:


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