Windows 7 overtakes Vista but still a fourth of XP


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May 10, 2010
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July Computerworld (via Tekzilla)

Windows XP still holding 61.9% of the PC market
Windows 7 is 15.1%
Windows Vista 14.3%
(Vista is down 24% since W7s release)

Total Windows % is 91.3%

Mac OS X 5%
iPhone 0.7%

Based on 160million unique website visitors to 40,000 websites monitored


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Oct 27, 2009
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Windows XP has been out for about 9 years now, while Windows 7 has less than 11 months under its belt.

I look for Windows 7 to grow exponentially within the next 6-9 months.


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Nov 13, 2009
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Me too. While XP is still holding it's own, 7 will continue to chip away from their lead, day by day, user by user. Those older builds won't last forever, and as each one dies, another Windows 7 system takes it's place.

It would be my guess that by the end of next year, 7 will either be closing in on overtaking XP, or will have already done so. The forum growth here shows that 7 is gaining ground by the day.

For a couple of things, I still use XP, but would never want to return to it as my main OS. And wouldn't dare to make a transaction with it. XP served me well from 2002 till November, 2009, seven long years. But the last year of using it, I was always having to do a full scan daily, as one trojan after the other began to infect my notebook.

XP can't last forever.

Mar 17, 2010
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No reason it can't. If that's what a user wants. Unless the hardware architecture changes so much the O/S cannot handle it. In the same way as Win95 could not handle faster processors, something I had personal expereince with.

It should be as secure as Win7, both can run MSE and same virus checkers, security really comes from browsers and firewalls anyway, not the O/S in itself.

Considering there are still some sales happening with XP installs I reckon it'll be around a while. Only when every new computer sold is exclusivley Win7 will it slowly get greater % of use.

My employer is still running XP with no signs of upgrading to 7. Win7 will get there in the end but I don't think it wil be a landslide change.

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