Windows 7 murdered my flash drive files. Help!

Jan 11, 2020
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In an emergency I pulled out my flash drive while it was still flashing (hadn't 'safely removed' it). When I reinserted it into my HP, Windows gave me the Do you want to scan and fix? message.
I clicked Yes. Afterwards, my 'repaired' flash drive had a folder with a name of jumbled letters containing almost 1.7 gigabytes of files full of indecipherable junk.

This flash drive holds all my most important materials. It would take me weeks or months to go through all the files and check them against other copies on my hard drive, on other computers, on OneDrive, etc.
I fear that that huge body of random letters and numbers and symbols that shows up in those new files is made up of material ripped out of my old Word files (etc.). Is it possible that the new junk is just extraneous material copied from my old files, or are my files corrupted now? Any help greatly appreciated.

Also, Any way to fix this?


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