Windows 7 Libraries - Locations Keep automatically adding themselves

Jan 7, 2012
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There is something I discovered with the Libraries that's kind of annoying me. I have found that Windows 7 seems to automatically ADD new locations. To give you an example, if I click on Pictures the setting should just have ONE location... the main Pictures folders (I deleted public version). But if I add photos to, for instance, the Downloads folder (I use this folder to temporarily download wallpaper) or if I edit photos there... and then if I click on pictures.... I notice that Windows automatically includes that Downloads folder in the pictures library... so instead of just having that 1 location (pictures), it now includes 2... or even more.

I do NOT want this. I just want my normal Pictures folder shown (ONE location). I can't seem to find any way of preventing this from happening. Does anyone have a solution?

Also, it's not a temporary addition. If I have bunch of photos I downloaded or edited in another folder... and then move or delete them... that location I had the photos inside will still show up and say empty.



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May 10, 2010
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I've never seen this before. Could you maybe post a screenshot of your Windows Explorer with the libraries and these mysterious folder pointers?

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