Windows 7 installation stuck

Nov 2, 2010
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Guys, I must have a solution for that because I'm treating with this installation for about a week (and a lot of re-installations).

I'm trying to install Win7 on my PC.
I'm getting a black screen right before the language screen is suppose to be shown.
This is happen right at the beginning : the white installation line is running in the bottom of the screen and then a Windows logo appear, right after that suppose to be the small window with the language selection, but instead , I see a black screen.

I CHANGED the cd's for couple of times, this is not the cd.
I also copied the image to a flash drive and tried to install from there - Stuck exactly at the same phase.

Please.... someone... Help .... :dontknow:
Nov 30, 2009
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Welcome. Copied and pasted from the other site:

"Hi and welcome.

Remove all memory from the pc, except one module closest to the cpu. If the motherboard has onboard video, remove the video card too and plug the monitor into the motherboard.

Then turn on the machine and go into the bios and set the optimized defaults and save. Make sure if there is a setting for Plug & Play OS, it is set to yes and also save.

Once Windows installs well, replace the card and memory into the machine while power is off. Boot to Windows and hope for the best. Then install the latest video card driver from either ATI or NVIDIA:


Drivers & Support | GAME.AMD.COM


If you currently have a 2nd monitor or a tv attached to the video card, then that is the problem. Leave only one monitor attached and then install, while forgetting the above."

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