Windows 7 installation problem.

Feb 18, 2016
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hello, first ever question so please bear with me. Can anyone solve problem that I have installing windows 7 .hdd showing 0 bytes free 0 Bytes used. Therefore I'm thinking this is a problem with hdd. Has anyone got a solution for this . Many thanks.
Mar 6, 2016
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Please try the following steps:

Boot off of the Windows installation CD, choose your language and then press Shift+F10. This should load the Command Prompt in the Recovery Environment.

In the RE (recovery environment) choose command prompt and type following commands pressing Enter after each bold command
1) C: 2) diskpart
3) list disk
it will show the list of your drives, with the information:
- status
- total space
- free space
status would probably be "invalid" and free space would be "0 bytes"
you have to select the drive next with

4) select disk <disk number>
disk number = as listed in previous command, normally disk 05) clean (this erases all data on the Disk, so be sure you choose the correct one)
now for verification of disk status and free space type
v) list disk
the status should be "online" and free space should be "disk size"

Now try the installation once again.
Mar 23, 2016
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Edwin is right Diskpart can resolve your issue, you can also check if the SATA Hard drive drivers are updated or not?. Physically the HDD is getting detected under BIOS but unable to communicate that what type of drive is added on SATA port, thats why SATA drivers have to be updated.

Jammy Smith | SR. Tech Support Team

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