Windows 7 forgetting printers

Mar 10, 2015
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Good day to you all.

I hope some one can help with this.

I have a Windows 7 x64 Laptop that connects to 3 different printer every day (Wirelessly)
All the printers are different, I know one of them is a HP OfficeJet 6700 not sure what the others are.

For example, I am at one place, I have to manually connect to the printer, the next day I go somewhere else and have to connect to this one manually too. Is there a way to make windows remember both of them so I don't have to connect to them manually every day?

Also the problem with the HP Office Jet 6700 is that Windows always forgets the drivers and I have to re-install them every time I want to print.

So my questions are...
Can I make my laptop connect to every printer automatically when I join the WIFI?
Is there anyway of making Windows remember the drivers for the Office Jet without having to install them every time?


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