Win7 Pro QuickLaunch Icons Misbehaving


Mar 11, 2018
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New install of Win7 Pro onto brand new pc with SSD's.

Problem is just on one User (X).

Quicklaunch (QL) is there and I can add icons.

Problem is with rearranging the QL icons.

The QL icons will move, but instead of me being able to move an icon
say one icon to the left, when I left-click and hold, and move the icon
just one icon to the left, when I let go, the icon jumps two more icons
to the left, so that now the icon is three positions to the left.


Again this only happens in User-X.

When I log off and log in with User-Y, no problem; QL behaves perfectly.

Anyone got a clue to a suggestion?


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