Win 7 install on machine with GPT drives

Mar 29, 2021
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I need Windows for one single task involving a USB device. Windows software is required and I cannot get the device to connect to Windows in a virtual box. I tried to install Win 7 on a clean SSD but the Windows install disk boots, loads software, and then nothing. The computer has an ASUS UEFI motherboard with a Ryzen 5 CPU and has 3 nvme drives all with different Linux Mint versions, all with GPT. Also there is a data drive with GPT and the bare target drive for the target Win install drive also with GPT. I saw a reference about Windows not installing in a computer with more than one drive having GPT. Is this the problem? The GPU is a GTX 1650 and the MB has 32 GB RAM installed.

My Win 7 install disk is out of a sealed envelope and has not been previously installed.

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