Will Microsoft Works, Version 4.0 work in Windows XP, or Windows 7 ?


John Williamson

James said:
The subject title says it all. Anyone here know ?
To finally answer the question now I've found my install CD, yes it
will, both under XP and Windows 7. I haven't tested it under Vista.

I just installed it on W7 Home Premium, and ran the install program as
administrator, which may not have been necessary. I've run it for a long
time under 95, 98 and XP.

Works opens under Windows 7, and opens and edits Works 4.0 wordprocessor
files that were generated on a Windows 98 computer. The help files work.
All the sub-programs seem to happily create new files, although it
doesn't recognise the Windows 7 libraries, and you need to use the old
style file dialogue boxes. There may be some other bugs that I've not
found yet, though.

Hope this helps.


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