What is the fundamental difference between Vista and Windows 7


Gene E. Bloch

Well, the method worked for me that I said.
I'm guessing the 9x6=54-digit number was my computer.

If it was my computer, then it was absolutely nothing like the previous
computer that it was installed on by my friend.

I'm guessing that's why the automatic activation failed.
Then, when I called 888-725-1047, I'm not sure WHY it asked me how many
computers the disc had previously been installed on, but, luckily, me
saying "one" seems to be the magic response.

Then it generated another 8x6=48 numbers, which, I guess, is what
unlocked Windows to be activated.

Now that was on 32 bit. I plan on installing the 64 bit.
Do you think I can just type in those numbers again?
Or do you think I'll have to go through the entire process again?
The numbers aren't your computer; rather, they seem to be one-time keys
for the Windows installation.

You will have to go through the process again, and IIRC, if you have
written the keys down, you will be able to see that both keys have


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