What is svchost.exe

Feb 20, 2018
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what is svchost.exe process running in task manager?

Hello-- What is this (svchost.exe) running in task manager? Eatting up a bunch of memory,
will not let me end the process, will not tell me where it's located, (i have open to view all files and folders),
i cannot locate it with search, i cannot find in :/C in system 32 or 64 files. it could be malware or a virus
and came back clean. Am running Windows7 Ultimate Dell 32 bit operating system ,.

All updates are up to date as of today with windows .. please help my system getting slowing down and not secure some website.

malwarebyte premium deleted virus files but its the error not secure appears again and again
also adwcleaner 7.08.0 deleted

::Tracing keys deleted
::Winsock settings cleared

i lost my work few days


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May 10, 2010
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Any system file can be replaced & then, yes, it would be malware, but it is unlikely that's your issue.

svchost is a system file that is used to run/trigger numerous background tasks and is integral to the proper running of the Operating System, at any one time there may be 50 different iterations running. So if it seems to be eating a lot of CPU then you need to figure out what process it is running in the background ... it may be something like system updates, etc.

If you have a device that is not on most of the time, such as a laptop, then system updates & antivirus downloads, etc may seem to eat a lot of processing when your machine is on because it has to get them when it can.


Nov 4, 2017
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All suggested solutions do not work for , incl stopping auto updates of Windows (7). Any more clear, very clear workable advice anyone?

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