Why is svchost hogging my bandwidth?.

Dec 19, 2010
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After installing a new Virgin Superhub and finding I had internet access I thought that everything was working fine but later on this morning I found out that my Home Network ie wifes pc and the broadband connection to my main television set was offline. After googling a while and finding an article at the Virgin Media site I found out that the Default setting when installing the virgin superhub was as a router which meant that it had blocked off my Buffalo Airstation router and hence the no internet on secondary PC and TV. I had to enter the admin pages of the Virgin superhub and re-install it as a cable modem and when I eventually rebooted my system, and after a couple of tweaks I finally had my home network up and running again. I use Comodo Dragon as my default browser and a couple of hours ago I noticed a slow up of my main Win7 OS PC broadband connection which shouldn't really be as I have upgraded from a 10Mb connection to a 30Mb connection and my internet has seldom hung like this. It seems to be an entry of svchost.exe that is causing the problem. I did a scan with Process Explorer screen shots below. The svchost entry with PID 1892 is linked to "Local System Network Restricted" and to the service Superfetch. On the Comodo CIS Summary screen at the same time I saw that even though Comodo Dragon is running it is not shown and again svchost is using 90+% of my bandwidth. And when checking the Firewall Events screen I saw that some of Comodo Dragons functions had been blocked. Can you tell me what is going on and how I can resolve this issue.


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