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Jul 27, 2014
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hi all, i have a advent windows 7 32 bit laptop, this has only just started a few weeks ago, chrome and firefox are the worst,
i can be on google chrome on twitter and next thing i no is the page i was on jumped to another page, then it jumped from twitter to another website, so i changed browsers to firefox, seems to do the same as google chrome, but have noticed this has only happened since i unstalled advast anti virus and installed malwarebytes anti malware premium 2.0.2. 1012

could this be the problem? i have scanned the whole laptop for any virus's and nothing was found,

should i get rid of malwarebytes premium and install advast again?

Really need some advice please


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May 10, 2010
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Some viruses are extremely good at hiding themselves from antivirus software. I would not rush back to AVAST, instead create a bootable Windows Defender Offline antivirus CD and then boot your machine to that and see if it finds anything.

Another suggestion is to scan with Malwarebytes in safe mode after stopping any root kits and hiding software, as described in the start of my post HERE.

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