Think somethings wrong with my computer

Dec 19, 2013
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Hello Guys for the past week or so my computer has been running really weird I think someone might of hacked me or something can someone tell my the scans and stuff I can run to see if everything is ok, Thanks in advance for your help guys
Sep 9, 2013
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1. Please be more specific when describing a symptom. computer has been running really weird....... will not help anyone trying to help.

2. Don't be paranoid about being hacked. There can be many "normal" reasons why your computer is " running really weird."

3. Since you asked about "scan ", do you have Malwarebytes installed?
If no, here is the download link. Select the FREE edition. No need to buy anything just yet.
After you have installed the free edition, you will be prompted to do an update. Do that.
Then click the Scanner tab at the top, and do a Full Scan.
When it is done scanning, it will tell you the result.
If it catches any, it will give you the list of viruses etc it has caught. You will then delete them.
See if your machine is running better after that.

Please post back the result.
You may have to do some more troubleshootings

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