Taskbar shows no internet connection but it's working (except for Internet Explorer)

Jan 12, 2015
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My desktop computer with just one wired network connector has developed a strange problem.

When I turn it on the taskbar internet icon shows no connection. For a while it just displays a spinning circle then either shows a yellow exclamation sign or more often a red cross.

However, e-mail, Onedrive, Firefox and Chrome work OK.

Strangely though clicking on Internet Explorer does nothing - it does not run or even attempt to as far as I can see.

Attempting to access Network and Sharing Centre from the Control Panel fails - the program does not start and I just get a spinning circle.

When I shut down the computer I get the message that otther programs are running, but task manager does not show any.

When I select force shut down the screen clears but the computer does not shut down, so I have to use the reset button on the computer.

The next time I start the computer I get the message that Windows did not shut down correctly, so start it in Safe Mode with Networking.

Initially the internet icon shows a Yellow exclamation mark, but this clears after a few seconds.

When I shut down the computer and re-start it normally (i.e. not in Safe Mode) it works correctly, i.e. the network icon in the taskbar is OK and Internet Explorer works OK as does the Network and Sharing Centre.

However, when it is shut down and re-started the problem come back and the only way to clear it is to do another start in Safe Mode with Networking and then re-start normally.

Any advice on curing this would be appreciated.



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