System Partition seperate from boot.

Feb 27, 2011
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just rebuilt my Win 7 machine, new case, new 2tb drive and new SSD for C/system drive.

I have two exisitng 1TB drives i want to stripe and two exisitng 500GB i mirror for personal stuff.

The 250GB drive that Win7 was originally on has gone.

So clean install, all well. Run win update, go into disk manager and one of my 1TB drives cant be wiped as it says it contains system info or the like. Nothing i can do with it. Go back to win7 install and look at drive, no option to delete, just the option of format. I format, and reboot.

NTLDR missing!! SO obviously something on that 1TB drive. Into Win7 repair, use diskpart and completely wipe both the 1Tb drives, back into install, both 1tb drives listed as empty, i have options to create new volumes etc.

Do a clean fresh install again onto SSD, and when win comes up it has created the 100Mb system partition on one of the 1tb drives, listed as system reserved, so i cant do a raid stripe. The ssd is correctly listed as boot and primary. But whats the system partition can i move it, or delete it. What is going wrong on install, why is windows using two drives when i specify one?

I read other posts saying its for bitlocker only and i can delete the volume, however if i try it says "windows cannot delete the system volume on this disk" same if i try to format.

Mar 17, 2010
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Cannot answer all your questions for you but general consensus seems to be that when you do an install of windows it works best if you leave all other drives dis-connected until after the install has completed.

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