System Crash and BSOD when opening many apps but not all

Sep 18, 2016
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Win 7 Pro, i7 processor, 16GB memory, running 3 displays (all working properly), new system 6 months old.

All of a sudden I'm getting system crashes and BSOD when I launch certain programs or try to uninstall a program.

For example, I have a HP Scanjet 7000 scanner; when I open the scanner software or the scanner software utilities, the system crashes. No improvement when I disable the scanner software or the device itself.

When I try to uninstall the scanner drivers and/or the scanner setup utility, I get a message saying the Windows Installer service is not running. I manually start this service, then try to uninstall. Same system crash occurs.

I don't currently have any trouble opening the MS Office applications (thankfully).

No new software or hardware recently installed. Windows 7 update downloaded and successfully installed.

Help is most appreciated.

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