Switch operating systems and activation between computers - update



This is an on 2 of my previous thread and questions.

In my office the front computer OEM XP installed.

I wanted to upgrade to windows 7

In my lab I needed a new dedicated computer with XP and I purchased this
ACER Veriton


I immediately added a ssd in this Acer and installed win xp oem with the
OEM key from
a computer that I had scrapped. Activation occurred automatically.

I then used to key from the Acer and with a 32 bit Windows 7 profession
OEM downloaded
from this site


I used the key from ACER to install windows 7. The activation required
a telephone call
to Microsoft and talking to the computer voice. After filling in the ?45
digits I got activated!

My front office computer is now set up to run windows 32 and 16 bit
programs. (dos programs) with the help I received on this mailing list.

I needed to discard my old AOpen PCI modem and replace it with a
USRobotics modem
which is plug and play installation with windows 7 ( We need a hardware
modem to
submit billing with Hyperterminal 6.3 - last free version)



My office has been modernized!


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