Surprise non-use of the System Registry


Stan Brown

I like the Mahjong Titans game that comes with Win 7. I play it
quite often at home, and occasionally at work -- only during a break,
of course, never during work time. I noticed that the one at work
always comes up in a smallish window that I had to enlarge, while the
one at home always comes up full screen. So I thought I'd find the
registry entry that holds the window size and location, and change

Surprise! There isn't one. "jong" (allowing partial matches) doesn't
occur anywhere in HKEY_CURRENT_USER. I eventually found four .XML
files (two, and two backups) in
C:\Users\{login}\AppData\Local\Microsoft Games\Mahjong Titans

This seems like a step backward to me. In the bad old days, every
program wrote an .INI file to C:\Windows or one of its subfolders.
The Registry represented an improvement because it eliminated putting
preference files into a folder that should be just programs, it made
backing up the settings easy, and it enabled a distinction between
per-machine settings and per-user settings. But now we have separate
files again, albeit not in such a bad location. Where's the benefit?
Sure, it keeps the Registry from growing, but we've been told that
the Registry is indexed so its size doesn't matter.


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