Status report for Paul et al


Robin Bignall

This is a status report for Paul and others who helped with:

- cannot install Classic Shell
- cannot uninstall Java

There is an install / uninstall Fixit
that purports to fix the registry, and which will do a FORCED uninstall
of any program you name.
That got rid of Java. I also found odd mentions of Classic Shell in the
registry After uninstall, so I ran Revo Pro / advanced search and
cleared them out. Result: Classic Shell up and running.

- The "Cannot Reboot" problem.

This is a bastard. I've tried a repair install of Win 7 on itself and
found the same problem. This time I got a message "Windows cannot
prepare your system for rebooting". You can see that many people have
got this on a wide variety of hardware, so it appears to be
The only solution that anyone appears to have found that worked is to go
right back to basics by deleting and recreating the system partition,
doing a chkdsk /R and then do an install with a clean boot (only basic
Windows drivers loaded). This does not exactly help for an upgrade
install 7 to 8! So, nowhere forward with this one.

Incidentally, I suspect greatly that if you try to do a 7 to 8 upgrade,
and it fails in some way, Windows DOES NOT clear out what it has tried
to do and it leaves a slightly screwed up 7 installation that you maybe
don't notice at the time.

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