Start Menu Editor/Tool/Hack Guide Aero Win7

May 13, 2016
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hi there,

I was wondering if anyone knows of, and can recommend any tool/editor or hack guide, to customize Win 7 Aero's Start Menu, beyond the default programmed limits? Not one that customizes new themes, but one which can hack your currently applied theme. Also not start menu replacements like Start X, DisplayFusion, but one which modifies win7's existing explorer shell and the standard menu.

stuff out of the ordinary, like splitting columns in the left side of start menu, moving and resizing the search box to another location on the menu, freely resizing the width of the start menu, raising the height of the menu to hit the top even if u are on aero theme (the profile frame normally sticks out and forms a gap so that your menu never reaches the top of screen), re-coloring the "white" left pane of the start menu, combining left pane and right pane of the menu, center-aligning the icons on the left pane etc.


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