Starcraft II?


Oct 17, 2008
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Anyone here bought Starcraft II? There has been so much hype about it over the past few months, so I couldn't resist (especially as RTS games are my favourite).

I'm still on the single player missions at the moment, which have provided a considerable amount of gameplay time. Some recent games seem to be over in a matter of hours, but this has some longevity.

The "" integration is a real pain, as you are required to log-in each time the game is played. I'm really not keen on that, but as the game is so much fun I can overlook it :).
Dec 21, 2009
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Hi Ian

I got this game as well and loving it. I am going through the campaign for a second time now to get all the achievements. The first time round I played the game mostly in offline mode. At least SC2 does not require an always on internet connection to play the single player part of the game.
Jan 22, 2009
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its a great game. but it really earns its (and yours) money on the multiplayer. be warned, its VERY different to solo campaigns, so you might want to look up a few guides or vids as to build orders, or strategies.

a personal favourite is this:

the man who runs the channel, "HD", is an experienced player himself, and hosts/commentates on games with some of the top SC2 players around the world.

this is a great game to start off with:

[ame="[MEDIA=youtube]bGQnnMvlAPQ[/MEDIA]"]YouTube - HD Starcraft 2 IdrA v Drewbie p1/4[/ame]

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