Some thumbnail images not appearing when opening folder on SD card...just empty thumbnails

Jan 18, 2020
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Firts, let me say, I'm using Win 7 Pro.

I've been using a Motorola Moto G7 Play android phone for a while and as a photographer, take lots of photos and have defaulted the phone's photo storage to an SD card. When connecting the phone to my PC via USB and access the DCIM/Camera folder on the SD Card to view the photos in order to determine which ones I want to copy to the PC for editing in Photoshop, all thumbnail images appear beside the file names. However, a couple days ago I changed phones to a Moto G6 with better cameras, and moved the SD card to the new phone, which was immediately recognized including all photos taken with the G7 Play with no problem. Again, I defaulted the G6 photo storage to the SD card. After taking several photos with the new phone, all the new photos are there in Google Photos on the phone as normal. However, when I connect it to my PC and view the DCIM/Camera folder (Win Explorer), I see the new files with empty images beginning where I switched phones. When I double click on the files with empty thumbnails, I see the images in Windows viewer, just no thumbnails. But when I compare image Properties from the first phone (G7 Play) with the G6, I noticed the image Properties window from the first phone's photos contains a Resources option that, when opened, contains the word "Thumbnail" with a thumbnail image beside it. The Properties of images from the second phone (G6) don't have the Resources option. So I have no idea what's going on. I've rebooted both the computer and the phone, but no change. If anyone has any idea what might be happening, I'd appreciate your input.

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