SOLVED ShellExecuteEx; code 577

Feb 3, 2015
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I have been attempting to use the following to correct an error code that I get when trying to download/use malwarebytes scan. This is new as I never had difficulties before.

(that error usually indicates an error in reading data, either that the disc is scratched or because thereading fails.

check disk for errors

Start>Computer>Right Click "C" drive>Click Properties>Tools>Error Checking-Click "Check Now">Under Check Disk Options click "Automatically fix file system errors" and "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors"> Restart Computer

how to Use Check Disk (chkdsk) in Windows 7

The problem begins that when I click CHECK NOW nothing happens. No other window pops up to continue. I am not computer literate. I have very little to no insight as to how these things work. Can someone please help me to continue along this path?????


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