Setting up two NICs on Windows 7

Feb 13, 2011
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Before I ask the question I need to describe the system I have in place.

I have a PC running Windows 7. It has a motherboard Ethernet connector and also an card added for ethernet connection.

From the card ethernet connection I am running a local network through a router which runs two pieces of equipment identified by MAC address and IP address. One of the pieces of equipment can only run when it has a specific IP address specified by the manufacturer and this means that the router and the PC have to be in the same domain as the equipment.

Ie. Equipment -
Router -
PC card ethernet port -

I want to be able to connect the motherboard ethernet port to the WAN so that I can remote log into the computer and control the PC that way.

But when I set up the MOBO ethernet port with a static IP address with the domain of the equipment I find that I cannot have both ethernet ports running at the same time and loose communication with the equipment.

There must be a way around this. Any ideas?


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