SATA Driver work slow

Feb 18, 2009
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Hi there! I Have laptop TOSHIBA Satellite A210-1AP-RU T64 X2 TL62/2048/250(5400)/DVD-RW/WiFi/BT/cam/VistaHP/15.4"WXGA/

When i running Windows Experience Index test in Windows 7 it returns me 3.0
but when i run it in Vista it shows 4.7

Problem is in SATA or SATA controller Drivers I think.

If anyone can help me with it please do it.


Oct 17, 2008
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I wouldn't worry too much about that, as it probably isn't the drivers being any slower... it's just the measurement has changed:

There are lots of users there complaining about the same problem, as they have changed the way the disk tests now work:

Though the scoring areas are the same, the ranges have changed. In Vista, the WEI scores ranged from 1.0 to 5.9. In Windows 7, the range has been extended upward to 7.9. The scoring rules for devices have also changed from Vista to reflect experience and feedback comparing closely rated devices with differing quality of actual use (i.e. to make the rating more indicative of actual use.) We know during the beta some folks have noticed that the score changed (relative to Vista) for one or more components in their system and this tuning, which we will describe here, is responsible for the change...

In most cases, large score drops will be due to the addition of some new disk tests in Windows 7 as that is where we’ve seen both interesting real world learning and substantial changes in the hardware landscape.

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