Same BSOD on 2 identical Shuttle PCs

Oct 10, 2016
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The PCs in question are mini-PCs - Shuttle DS61. I use them to run a dedicated application basically running just one Python program. I have 3 of these Shuttles running this way just fine on Win7 - zero issues. I just purchased 2 more Shuttles (used) and strangely BOTH have the same BSOD (STOP: 0x00000124) which appears to be a hardware fault? The BSODs are intermittent (5-10% of the time) and happen just as the Windows 7 desktop screen starts to appear. Given both have the exact same BSOD issue is a strange red flag. The software and hardware are stock, as supplied by Shuttle. Both have a Intel i5 CPU. The BSOD occurs without any hardware connections other than the necessary HDMI screen and USB Keyboard/Touchpad. The stock software is Windows 7 Embedded. These 2 Shuttles were installed in some sort of retail point of sale device - one of the common uses for Shuttles - and re-sold to me 2 weeks ago. Note that since I use as a single unchanging captive application no Internet connection or software Updates are necessary. I also noticed in the attached event log that the same BSOD happend back in 2014 so it looks like this problem has been around for awhile.
Thanks for any help!


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