Office updates same kb???

Nov 13, 2015
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Something strange happening :

I run Windows 7 entreprise_x64, when i install Office standard 2010 or 2016, when i check for updates, MicrosoftUpdate provide me some updates( for example after installing the 2010version, i 've got 52 updates, when the insatalltions is finished, i check in control panel, programes and features, installed updates is 79, with twice or more same KB, if i uninstall the double or more for remain to 52, next time i check for update, these same kb are here again

More details :
Office 2016 standard 32 bits
Office 2010 standard SP1 32 bits
Each installled with and without the MSOCACHE folders (delete after install for gain space), same results.
Windows update Reset already tested and update logs already cleaned.
Windows 7 SP1 up to date, occured on two desktop computer (same OS).

Maybe it's just related to entreprise edition, i don't know.

sorry for my poor english.



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