restrict user's account correctly

Jul 30, 2013
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Hello here,

I have windows 7, i create also another account for other users in that pc.

i would like to make some restriction for them to not allow them to look on C drive , control pannel and so on...

can u help me to manage that correctly?

thanks in advanced.



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May 10, 2010
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You can disable the control panel with the Group Policy Editor (GPEDIT.MSC) which comes with W7 Professional & Ultimate, but not the Home versions. If I understand correctly, when you lock it, it is locked for everyone so each time YOU need it you would have to unlock it, use it, then lock it again. And of course if you set up the others on your computer as Administrators then they would be able to unlock it the same as you. How-to-Geek.

As for seeing the C: Drive, the Windows OS folder is protected, as is Program Files, and then each user has their own set of My Documents, My Music, My Pictures, & My Videos which are protected. Administrators can force ownership and then see other users files so again, do not make them Administrators. If you create folders such as C:\My Stuff then everyone can see that unless you purposefully change the folders Permissions (and Permissions settings can get rather complicated) so it's best to stick to the established folders instead. For files you do wish to share with all users the system offers Public Documents, Public Music, Public Pictures, and Public Videos.

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