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Feb 2, 2012
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I need to replace an Ext HD as mine failed. I'm looking at 2 "WD" drives and both are the same price. I really only need a 2TB but the price on both of these comes in at $99 + tax. I could go with the My Passport 2TB SSD but that one is $369. Now I also have an internal 2TB backup "F" drive to go with the Ext, the internal I only use for Pict's, Video, other info & MS Office doc's backup. The External also backs up Windows 7 + everything else on the Internal F drive. So in the case of one failure I still have all my Pictures & Doc's.

So any opinion what would be the better of the two listed or any other opinions.

WD My Passport Ultra 4TB
USB-C™ cable with USB 3.0 adapter
WD Discovery software, for WD Backup, and WD Drive Utilities
Quick install guide
USB-C ready, USB 3.0 compatible
Additional Details
Included WD Discovery™ software for social media and cloud storage import, backup and password protection

WD My Book 4TB USB 3.0
USB 3.0 cable
AC adapter
WD Discovery™ software with WD Backup™, WD Security™ and WD Drives Utilities™
Quick install guide
Additional Details
Auto backup with included WD Backup software and Time Machine-compatible
Password protection with hardware encryption


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May 10, 2010
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The Passport is a 2.5" harddrive like in laptops. It does not need additional AC power plugged & it smaller/more portable which sounds great. As long as your USB is powerful enough to supply the juice the Passport needs then the smaller size & one less plug sounds great to me.

The My Book has a 3.5" harddrive which could be a faster 7200RPM drive but from the specs there is no guarantee it won't be a 5400, the Passport will definitely be 5400RPM. If you can find Read/Write specs for the two drives you might want the to go with the faster.

It really depends on what is important to you.

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