"Recently Used" Section on Right Click is Gone for some Apps

May 26, 2017
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Normally when you right click an app on the task bar, you can see a section of "recently used" stuff (like folders or documents) on the popup menu.
A while back ago this feature was gone on my computer from the explorer, which was annoying, but now it's also gone from the main program I do my work on so I decided to search for a solution online.
However, this feature still works on other apps like Chrome, for example.

Can someone help me bring back this recently used feature that suddenly won't appear at all?
I've tried turning it off and on via the taskbar menu but it didn't help at all.
(Win7 Ult SP1 64)



^ The World's First ^
May 10, 2010
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I would check the setting of your "Jump Lists".
RIGHT-click on the Start Orb.
Chose "Properties".
Select "Start Menu" Tab.
Click "Customize" Button.
Set "Number of recent items to display in jump lists" to something like 10.

Then test it: open & close several files in one of the problem applications. Now check to see if those files are listed like you want.

Note that many drive cleaning/space recover programs can delete the jump lists for space and this may be why the information disappears.

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